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Our Mission : Elevate, Celebrate, Captivate!


We're on a mission to put your book in the spotlight it deserves, turning hidden gems into the talk of the town. Our secret? A blend of innovative marketing magic, unwavering dedication, and an insatiable love for stories that need to be shared.

Choose Your Plan

  • 3-Month Complete Package

    We provide tailored author services, including marketing and platform enhancement.
    Valid for 3 months
    • 50 Amazon & Goodreads reviews to boost sales.
    • Monthly organic Twitter follower growth.
    • Weekly social media posts with content & hashtags.
    • 5,000 promotional emails/year.
    • Book promotion contests in multiple locations.
    • Top 10 book placement on various blogs.
    • Genuine customer video reviews collection.
  • 1-Year Complete Package

    Tailored services for authors: strategic marketing and platform enhancement.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Amazon/Goodreads reviews: 100 each.
    • Ads: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.
    • Gain organic Twitter followers monthly.
    • Weekly social media posts with hashtags.
    • 10,000 promotional emails yearly.
    • Arrange blurbs for your book.
    • Organize contests for book promotion.
    • Improve website SEO for more traffic.
    • Featured in top 10 blogs biannually.
    • Collect genuine customer video reviews.
  • 1-Year Comprehensive Package

    Campaign aims to boost book visibility, engagement, and sales year-round.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Content Marketing: Develop content calendar for website, blo
    • Social Media Engagement: Maintain active presence, share tea
    • Email Marketing: Build email list, send newsletters with exc
    • Book Events and Collaborations: Participate in virtual event
    • ⁠Paid Advertising: Targeted campaigns on Facebook, Amazon, B
    • Engage with Book Communities: Join forums, book clubs to con
    • Book Launch Anniversary Celebration: Plan special event, pro
  • Tailored according to the book

    Campaign goal: Sell paperback books and boost visibility among target audience.
    • Utilize online & brick-and-mortar distribution.
    • Tailor marketing for reading audience.
    • Launch targeted ads & offer discounts.
    • Organize virtual author events, engage on social media.
    • Encourage reader reviews to enhance credibility.
    • Ensure paperback availability in major cities.
    • Regularly monitor, optimize strategies for sales.
    • Provide 50 reviews on Amazon, 50 on Goodreads.
    • Gain organic Twitter followers monthly.
    • Publish weekly social media posts with hashtags.
    • Send 5,000 promotional emails annually.
    • Organize contests and challenges for promotion.
    • Feature book in top 10 blogs.
    • Collect genuine customer video reviews for promotion.

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"Working with Progress Wings has been a game-changer for my book's success. Their expertise in the intricacies of the publishing industry, coupled with their innovative marketing strategies, helped my book reach heights I hadn't thought possible. Their personalized approach and unwavering support made me feel like a valued partner throughout the journey. Thanks to Progress Wings, my book has found its rightful place in the hands of eager readers."

JD Paulson

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